Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good GRACEious

May is a busy month for us. We have 4 family birthdays (all within 4 days of each other), mother's day, the end of school (which brings about 2 weeks worth of business all on it's own) and Memorial Day.

Since it's not quite to Memorial Day and we still have 2 days of school left, I am going to focus on the birthdays. One in particular. My Grace.

Our second born turned 6 on May 5. She has a very cool birthday, 05/05/05. Neat, huh? Last year, she turned 5 on 05/05/05. Very, very cool. We were actually able to celebrate that birthday at Disney World. Very, very, very cool. This year's birthday was a bit less glamorous. Poor thing had to attend a funeral on her birthday. However, the funeral was in Florida so we tried to do some fun Florida things and have a good time. Her party was planned for the following weekend. This year, it was at Pigtails and Crewcuts, a children's hair salon that also does parties. It was a big hit. The girls got to play dress up, get their hair done with all sorts of sparkles. They got a manicure and makeup done. Then they got to have a little fashion show and dance party. It was cute. Grace said she had a really good time. That's all that matters.

Grace. What can I say about Grace. I think I wrote about my oldest when she turned 8 that she was maturing in the face - mostly because she now has grown up teeth. Well, the grown up teeth fairy came a little earlier to Grace. She is still 1 day shy of being done with kindergarten and already she has these big, older kid looking grown up teeth. No more cute, tiny, little itty bitty baby teeth. While she still had those little teeth and in kindergarten, I could pretend she was still my little girl. Now, she has grown up teeth and is almost in 1st grade! What has happened to all my little girls!!??

She's still crazy though. I think Grace will always be a little crazy. I once heard someone say that being mature doesn't mean you have to act mature all the time, it's knowing when to act mature and when it's ok not to. I like that.

Grace is active. She doesn't walk across a room she hops, skips or flat out runs. She can be a little clumsy so sometimes the not walking much causes bruises. Out of our 3, my hus and I said from the beginning that she would most likely be the first to break a bone. Unfortunately we were right. She loves to make people laugh. She thinks she's funny. Sometimes yes, sometimes, not so much. She's sensitive. She thinks about things. She's smart. She says she's going to be a waitress when she grows up and have her own restaurant. It's going to be called, "Zippies." (Don't ask, I don't know). She's so cute. She is a fashionista. She loves to dress up, put on jewelry and makeup. She likes to layer and combine fashions. It works for her. Although she's terrified of shots, she always says she wants to go first which I think is very brave. She is a sweet girl. She loves her sisters. She's a middle child. She has a wonderful, fun loving personality. Kids want to be her friend. She's creative. She's a horrible speller but (is only in kindergarten) tries really hard. Maybe "creative" speller would be a better term. She loves candy and oddly enough, broccoli. She is a child of God and takes comfort in that.
She is our sweet, Grace. We love her very, very much and are very proud of our crazy, smart, beautiful little 6 year old.


In case you were wondering...and you may not have, but I've been MIA on the blog seen for a couple of weeks now. The first week was simply because I was busy and uninspired to write (I need to feel it to be able to write). The second week was because I have not been about to get on to the blogger site to post anything. I had to install a whole new browser to get it to work. I don't know what was/is going on.
So, I'm now back in business, however, just a tiny bit inspired and yet again without much time. So I hope to really start blogging again soon. Glad to see everyone is getting on fine without me.