About Me

I am the 37 year old wife of a wonderful man who does something for one of the largest banks in American and a mother of 3 girls ages 10, 7 and 5.   I am an Alabama fan by marriage (Roll Tide). You could say I am a stay at home mom, though I am rarely at home. I am a horrid speller. I have a photography business I do "on the side."  Do keep in mind though, that most of the pictures I post on my blog were taken with a point and shoot, which I suck at using.  I much prefer my 15 lb, SLR, but it's 15 lbs. and a pain to tote around on your average day.
I was born in Georgia.  Moved to Florida at the age of 8.  Moved to the Chattanooga, TN area for college.  Moved back to Georgia after college.  Have since lived in 5 different towns in the metro Atlanta area.  Have been in the current location for 7+ years.  I am a southern girl. 
I love photography, music, the outdoors, eating, entertaining, reading, God and my family (not necessarily all in that order). I am a jack of all trades, meaning, I know a little bit about a lot of things. I'd like to change that one day to knowing a lot about even just one thing. I stop short of saying I'm opinionated though my husband says I'm "passionate" about everything.  I am a conservative Christan.  I love the Lord and it is my daily prayer that I honor Him with my life. 
This blog is about my family and any thought that pops into my head.  It is intended to give me an outlet and to save my husband from being unwillingly (though lovingly) subjected to my ramblings.  I will however, have an occasional focus on what we as Christians experience as our children are schooled in the public school system.  Hence the "fish" out of water title.  I also used to be a first grade teacher in the public school system which I think gives me a different perspective on the public vs. private school thing.  Plus, I am a mom and... enough said.