Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rain and a talented squirrel

I'm sitting here in my bathing suit, wishing we could be at the pool.  However, after we all got changed and I got the pool bag all ready, we noticed just as we were about to walk out the door that it is raining.  We are staying in our suits hoping it'll slow down soon so we can still go to the pool.  There's no thunder so I think it'll be ok.  I prefer sunshine, but these kids need to get some energy out!

So, while I'm waiting on the rain, I decided to do a quick post. 

Here's a fun pic;

There is this very talented squirrel in our back yard.  He somehow manages to scale our house and climb up the window and then fling himself over to the bird feeder that hangs from the over hang, while managing to continue to hang on to the window frame. I have yet to see exactly how he does it.  He's done it several times though.  I'm hoping to catch him in the act one time.

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