Friday, July 5, 2013

A Re-beginning

It is with a heart that weighs about as much as it normally does, but not without a tinge of sadness that I inform you that my blog, Fish Out Of Water, will soon be no more.  Most likely forever.  I add that little addendum because though I plan to post no more for the foreseeable future, I do not plan to remove it from blogger.  I worked too hard to get what I had up and on the chance that I one day might possibly want to return to FOW, I don’t want to have to start over from scratch. 

I will be focusing on my blog for my business, Storybook Pictures (which is a HUGE work in progress so I’m not even sharing that web address right now) and a blog that I stated a while back but have not been good at posting on for my family (Our McParty of Five; ).  You are welcome to visit either blog, though I will not be posting on Facebook anymore when I have written something new.  You can sign up for email alerts or just check up on it every once in a while.  I will probably not post that often anyway.  If you check out my mcparty of five blog, you will see that I have not posted in almost a year.  I do plan to post more than yearly, especially now that FOW is kaput.
So, to close, here is a pic of my 3 little models from a recent test shoot. 
Oh, and my sister had her second daughter last night! Yeah for her and her family!  I would post some pics of my new little niece, but they live in darn NYC and I am down her in the awesome ATL.
In the meantime, here is a picture of me and my sister's oldest daughter (who is 2) from back in Feb. when I went up for a visit.

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